Babelscribe and WordPress?

For centuries the scribe has worked at the boundaries of communication, providing the bridge by which the word can pass on, bringing communities of interest together, freeing the mind from the babble of disparate voices.

Babel is taken from the Babel Fish on Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. When inserted in your ear the Babel Fish translates languages.

Similarly, Babelscribe translates the language of  the internet into a form that you can understand, handing you back control of your website.

If you want to learn WordPress, we can help

WordPress makes it easy for you to take full control of your website, letting it grow and develop with your business. Adapting to a fast changing business environment is essential these days and WordPress is the best tool for the job.

There is, however a bit of a learning curve to understand how to manage your website and that is where Babelscribe comes in.

We have an in depth understanding of WordPress from the point of view of the developer and user, and we are good at explaining it in language that you can understand, so contact us and begin to enjoy your journey with WordPress.