We can help you register and manage your domain names

Let us manage your domains

We can keep your domains in order and secure, as well as adding measures to reduce spam and keep your online reputation clean.

  • Search for potential domain names
  • Secure domain names for your business
  • Transfer domains into your account
  • Set up DNS zones as required
  • SPF and DKIM records for a good email reputation
  • Park/alias secondary domains to your main domain
  • Automatic renewals
  • All admin included

Ummm what is a domain?

A domain name is a unique name that points to your website so folk can find it. For example babelscribe.nz is our domain name.

There are a lot of different variations available but, here in New Zealand, we'd suggest that the minimum you should secure for your business is the .co.nz and the .nz.

We have chosen to make babelscribe.nz our main domain name because it is so short and sweet. We also have babelscribe.co.nz so this also leads to our site at babelscribe.nz.

Once you have the domain name you can use it for you own email addresses too which is cool.