Events Manager

Events Manager Google Map Zoom

Change the default zoom of the Google Map shown on the event page using jQuery using the following: jQuery(document).bind(’em_maps_location_hook’, function( e, map, infowindow, marker ){ map.setZoom(11); }); This is best placed in a js file in your theme which is then enqueued using the following in the theme functions.php file: function babelscribe_load_scripts() { // register…

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Change Ticket Table Headings on Event Page

To customize the headings on the ticket list on the single events page use this in your theme functions file: function my_custom_ticket_header($columns){ $columns = array( ‘type’ => __(‘Ticket’,’dbem’), ‘price’ => __(‘Price ex.GST’,’dbem’), ‘spaces’ => __(‘Places’,’dbem’)); return $columns; } add_filter(’em_booking_form_tickets_cols’,’my_custom_ticket_header’,1,1);

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