General CSS

Disable Chrome Minimum Font Size

Using CSS: /*styles for Chrome */ @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) { Body { -webkit-text-size-adjust:none; } } This can cause issues in that it disables zoom for font size but it does remove the issue of Chrome wrecking layouts by increasing font sizes etc

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Chrome conditional CSS styles

Conditional styling for Chrome browser can be achieved by adding this to the style sheet: @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) { Body { font-size: 20px; } }

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Drop down menus behind content in IE7

Symptom: Dropdown menus appear behind content in the div below even if z index is set higher. Conditions: CSS based dropdown menus viewed in IE7 Solution: This occurs when the div containing the menu is separate from the div containing the content below. IE7 resets the z index for the separate divs. Adding “position: relative;”…

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