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Filtering Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Referral spam can seriously mess with your data in Google Analytics. Using the filter function can block spammy domains and improve the accuracy of your stats. Edit the View for the website (Property) in question Create a New Filter Set Filter Type to Custom Set to Exclude Select filter field to Referral Create regex expression…

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Google Analytics Custom Report for Single Page

Create new custom report for example for a page called “Aquamaster”. Tab: “Aquamaster” Metric Group: “Visitors”  > [Page Views] [New Visits] [Exits] Dimension Drilldowns: [Page] Filter: Include >> Page >> “aquamaster-page.php” You can then set up emails to send this report to. Multiple email recipients separated by a comma.

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Google Analytics Multiple Tracking Accounts

Tracking data can be sent to multiple Google Analytics accounts as follows: _gaq.push( [‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-********-3’], [‘_trackPageview’], [‘b._setAccount’, ‘UA-********-1’], [‘b._trackPageview’] ); More information can be found here and this is a good article too

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