Squelch Tabs and Accordians

Horizontal Accordions Shortcode

[haccordions title=”” width=”800″ height=”320″ hwidth=”28″ activateon=”click” active=”0″ speed=”800″ autoplay=”false” pauseonhover=”true” cyclespeed=”6000″ theme=”jqueryui” rounded=”false” enumerate=”false”] [haccordion title=”Pane 0″] Accordion pane 0 content] [/haccordion] [haccordion title=”Pane 1″] Accordion pane 1 content [/haccordion] [haccordion title=”Pane 2″] Accordion pane 2 content [/haccordion] [/haccordions] Parameters:  title (text) The title shown above the accordion groupDefault: “” (empty string) width (integer) Width…

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Hard Code Squelch Tabs

Hard code the Squelch tabs in a template so you can use scripts inside the tabs. Install Squelch Tabs and Accordians. Then in template: Title 0 Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Content 0 Content 1 Content 2 Content 3

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