WordPress is really good with Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is the art of building a website that is easy for search engines to read and understand, containing information that is unique and respected by the internet community.

It is not a dark art, there are no magic tricks, in fact using tricks that you might find on the internet to make your site perform better in search engines can ultimately result in your site being black listed which is a position that it is very hard to get out of.

We understand what makes a site easy for a search engine to crawl and we use Google’s own tools to check that there is nothing causing problems that might prevent your site getting indexed properly.

Nobody knows how Google, or any search engine, decide what to serve up in the search results but we believe in creating pages that are structured to be easy to understand, are focused on the topic, and contain a good amount of unique information.

Couple this with clear indications that the information is useful, such as links into the page, comments and references on other sites etc and you are offering the search engines exactly what they are looking for.

Getting onto the first page of the search results is one thing. Encouraging folk to click through to your site is the next challenge. This is where proper meta tags are so important and is where you sell your website over the others sites on the page.

Your website must be useful to your customers and give them an experience that makes them want to recommend your site and come back for more.

We can’t promise that we can get your site onto the front page of Google search results but we can build you a site that search engines can easily crawl, is fast to download, mobile responsive and easy to navigate.

Couple that with information rich content and you have a site that your visitors will love and keep coming back to. If its useful to your visitors, search engines will rank it well which will bring more visitors.

There are no clever optimisation tricks!

Think of it from the search engines point of view:

  • Folk will only use their search engine if it returns relevant results that reflect the search phrase and ranks the pages in such a way that the top page is the best answer to the search request
  • If a page manages to cheat the search engines such that it comes top for a given search even though it is not useful to the searcher, then the search engine has failed and the user is likely to go elsewhere
  • If a page comes top because it is clearly an authority on its subject and is popular on the web,  then it is a good search result and everyone is happy