Update Text Using PO Files. Translate Text.

A basic guide to translating wp-e-commerce using poEdit

1. Download and Install poEdit : http://www.poedit.net/download.php
2. Run poEdit and open a translation file (.po) from the `wp-e-commerce/languages` folder
3. Go through the list of words / sentences and add in your translations
4. In poEdit make sure you have the box checked in Preferences>Editor ‘Automatically Save .mo file on save’
5. Save your translation file in the `wp-e-commerce/languages` folder give it a descriptive name ie: wpsc-en_US means english – american, wpsc-fr_FR means french – france (note: your filename must have ‘wpsc-’ at the start to work)
6. In your wordpress wp-config.php file edit the line that looks like this:
`define (‘WPLANG’, ”);`
with the file name (without extension) inside the second set of quotation marks.
i.e If I saved my mo file as `wpsc-en_BG.mo` then I would change the WPLANG line to:
`define (‘WPLANG’, ‘en_BG’);`
7. Save your wp-config.php
8. Refresh your website in a web browser, your new translations should now be viewable on your site.


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