If you are working with WordPress we can help

Whether you want a brand spanking new installation of WordPress, or you want to move your existing WordPress site, we can help.

Installing WordPress is not difficult, but getting it right first time can be tricky.

We like to check that the settings are correct and we add security measures to help protect your site from hackers, so let us do the hard work for you.

Sometimes WordPress doesn't quite cut it straight out of the box.

If it's the look and feel of the theme, or the way a particular plugin is working that you want to change, we can help.

We have over 10 years of customizing WordPress themes and plugins so don't ever feel limited by what you have already.

We enjoy showing people the delights of working with WordPress so if you want to learn, get in touch.

We can come to you if you are local, or we can use Skype or TeamViewer to teach you remotely.

We find it best to limit the lesson to only what you feel you need so we encourage you to have a list of topics to cover and we'll work through them with you.

Most web hosts are capable of hosting WordPress sites but to do it well requires experience and knowledge.

You want your site to be fast, reliable and secure which requires that the server is set up just so.

Your site will need ongoing updates and maintenance to keep it running smoothly so talk to us about our Managed WordPress Hosting plan