WordPress needs good hosting and regular maintenance

Your website needs to be hosted somewhere to make it available on the internet.

One of the beauties of WordPress is that the majority of web hosting companies can host your website, so you can shop around for a service that suits you.

Bear in mind though that for your website to really hum along, and be secure, your web host needs to be set up to really get the best out of WordPress.

We have 10 years of experience hosting WordPress websites and now run our own servers that are tailored to get the best out of your site while keeping it secure and backed up regularly.

Security is a big thing for us so we have several layers of safeguards which we have tuned over the years to stop malicious attempts to get into your site, whilst not locking out potential customers.

This is an important ongoing part of using WordPress for your website.

WordPress is constantly being improved by a global team of developers to iron out bugs, improve security and make the experience better for you and your visitors.

It is relatively easy to make automatic updates to your site so that it is always running the latest and greatest version. In practice these updates can cause problems, usually because one of your plugins doesn't play nicely with the new version and has been not been updated in a while.

We recommend letting us do managed updates to minimize down time because your site is a major part of your business. We back up everything, then carefully update the required components. Then we check that everything is working and fix any problems we detect so that your site is back up earning money for you as soon as possible.